We are Ashley and Alice White and thank you so much for joining us here and following our journey.

We met through social media and continue our journey together using it as our main platform.

We are both from the UK and met in 2015. It was instant love and we felt so connected through our mutual love of art, modelling, freedom and travel. We moved in together instantly and began to save to go adventuring. We aren’t the kind to be pinned down for long, our wings wanting to fly and our hearts wanting to feel. While saving we went Vegan together overnight following Alice watching a harrowing documentary, and we continue to promote and share our love and passion for the plant based life style.

We started our first tumblr page ‘Up North and Beyond’, as the first leg of our trip was to the North of England. We wanted to share with people our travels as a couple through our photography and writing (nothing has changed there!) We spent a few months working in an animal sanctuary in beautiful Yorkshire, and went on to explore the Scottish Highlands.

After travelling Portugal, Amsterdam and Italy we came home and began modelling more full time, putting our travelling on the back burner.

Three years on and a wedding later! we are back, following our true calling. Partners in crime, fiercely passionate about enjoying, protecting and loving our beautiful planet and all who inhabit.

Up North and Beyond is reborn, a married duo with a desire to travel all the corners of our beautiful Gaia and remind you all that anything is possible if you want it enough. You are the hero of your story and can bring anything you wish into fruition with determination.

You decide how your life goes, as we decided how our story would unfold.

We hope to spark that desire to be the best you, to love unconditionally, to have faith in the process and never to give up.


We love you all.





  1. Georgia
    September 30, 2018 / 10:24 pm

    What was the documentary you saw that influenced you both to become vegan? I’m curious to know more about it as I’m considering making the change myself!

    • upnorthandbeyond
      October 28, 2018 / 12:35 am

      Hi Georgia!

      Sorry its taken so long to reply, we have been on the move around Bali for the past month. We watched a documentary on Youtube called ‘Earthlings.’ Its a look inside our animal industries and exposes the truth behind them. It changed us both that very day and we never went back. Once you make the connection and see what suffering you create for the sake of a few seconds taste satisfaction, it just isn’t worth it anymore. Some others that helped us were ‘Cowspiracy’ ‘Forks over knives’ ‘Bottled Up’ and ‘Okja’ on Netflix. There are so many that touch on all topics from the animal cruelty, human health and environmental implications of eating the ‘standard american diet’. Arm yourself with knowledge and you will be safe!

      I hope you find these inspiring enough to make the change and if you need any more guidance or assistance please do get back in touch!

      Love Alice and Ash

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